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What to Look for in a Data Backup Software

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You need backup software that is reliable and simple to use or you won't use it. Below are the criteria Top Ten REVIEWS used to evaluate data backup software:

Hard Dive data recovery in tucson computer

Feature Set Backup software features should go beyond standard copying of data files; backup software should be flexible enough to meet your needs. First-rate data backup software allows you to schedule both full and custom backups; backup only what you want and when you want.


Ease of Use A computer novice should be able to install and use the backup software without help. The control panel should be intuitive, convenient and should offer easy backup scheduling for automated backups. Some backup programs are designed for advanced computer users, not novices; we comment on this in the backup software reviews.


Backup and Restore Your backup should be simple to set up and easy to restore. Accessing restored data should be automatic, and the backup should preserve original data files and paths. Restored backup files that don't preserve original file organization are nearly worthless; you'll have to reorganize all your restored data to access it conveniently.

Consider self-checking backup software that compares the backup to the original to verify accuracy (backup verification). Look for backup software with a range of backup choices: full, incremental, differential and individual file backups. A complete system backup (Image Backup) is also a valuable asset, as is the ability to create a boot disk.

Also, consider backup software that can compress data for compact storage. If security is an issue, choose backup software that protects with passwords and encryption.


Help Documentation Backing up and restoring your data can be complex. Help files should offer clear, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips. The language should be simple to understand and the help information should be well organized so you can find answers fast.
Whether its corrupted data, viruses, or your computer just calls it quits, with the right data backup software, you've got it covered.


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