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A home computer network installation service call will provide you with all that you need to setup your network. Get it connected to the Internet and if needed, add other peripherals to it such as printers, etc to be accessed over the network. We will assess your needs and help you decide whether you need a wired or wireless network. Once the decision is made they will help choose the network structure suitable for your needs. Wireless network installation, contrary to popular belief is not always the costlier and less efficient alternative. In certain cases having cables over long distances lowers the efficiency of the wired network to a level that it is not even recommended.

Once your physical network is laid out and computers are connected, our technicians can help you setup the software needed for the network. We can also connect your network to a broadband DSL or Cable internet connection so that all the computers will have access to the internet. Of course if you are connected to the internet, you will need network or a computer firewall protection deployed so that your computers will stay secure and protected from harmful attacks through the internet.

We can also add peripherals such as audio/video systems, wireless printers and scanners to your network enhancing the user experience and functionality of the whole system. Contact us for more details on our Home Computer Network Installation Services. You can also see more about our services at Tucson Computer Repair & Data Recovery's home page.
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